Oh dear - this is a past event!

Were you looking for "Rainford's roots research roundup"?

This event took place in one of the Festival of Archaeology's previous years. Its information is therefore not currently available.

This event MAY be running again this year - use our search facility, left, to find out!

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RT @8thEast: Four days to go to the @FestivalofArch ! You can read all about what we've planned in our latest newsletter http://t.co/8z8KVg
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RT @HoughMill: @mdem financed winch ready for Bell Pit Simulations Sun 26th @FestivalofArch #coalville @NatForestCo http://t.co/tOW0zlbii1
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RT @RCAHMWales: Bwciwch nawr ar gyfer ein digwyddiad @FestivalofArch: 15 Gorffennaf, 4.30pm "Darganfod Diwydiant Llechi Cymru" http://t.co/
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RT @RCAHMWales: Book now for our @FestivalofArch event: 15 July 4.30pm "Discovering the Slate Industry of Wales" @RCAHMWales http://t.co/9
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RT @IGMTarch: We're carrying out a geophys survey at Coalbrookdale this weekend- come along! http://t.co/O9JsQyY86v for more @FestivalofArc
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RT @RCAHMWales: 23 Gorffennaf @FestivalofArch 11am, Derwyddon, Rhufeinwyr a Marwolaeth: Darganfod Trysorau Oriel Bowen @CeredigionMus gyda …
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RT @RCAHMWales: 23 July @FestivalofArch 11am Druids, Romans and Death: Exploring the Treasures of the Bowen Gallery @CeredigionMus with Dr …