Oh dear - this is a past event!

Were you looking for "Mapping Monday"?

This event took place in one of the Festival of Archaeology's previous years. Its information is therefore not currently available.

This event MAY be running again this year - use our search facility, left, to find out!

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3 hours 45 min ago
RT : Our curator is on hand giving expert advice and making some exciting discoveries too! https://t.co/mmSPh27j15
4 hours 12 sec ago
Step back to the Ice Age at Crewel Crags this summer. https://t.co/gqV5a0hoZF
6 hours 2 min ago
RT : We're celebrating the today - hands on archaeology tasks for kids and sword fighting displays too! https://t.co/cL3I8WTQbr
6 hours 2 min ago
RT : . talk The Discovery & Destruction of Nimrud with Dr Paul Collins TODAY 2pm https://t.co/y7ywsylEYc https://t.co/HgK3KoUMWQ
6 hours 2 min ago
RT : Hands-on History starts today, 11am-1pm every Wednesday throughout the ! This week we'll be looking at Archaeology.
1 day 1 hour ago
Well done Oliver Hudson (10) for today's Hope your baking isn't too stone wall like!! https://t.co/Xl2qQfUiXj
1 day 2 hours ago
RT : We're excited to welcome to Derbyshire on Saturday for some flintknapping! https://t.co/LFGqWXFutJ