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Were you looking for "Day of Archaeology"?

This event took place in one of the Festival of Archaeology's previous years. Its information is therefore not currently available.

This event MAY be running again this year - use our search facility, left, to find out!

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9 hours 54 min ago
A hoard of photos waiting to be discovered on flickr Be inspired. Get baking! https://t.co/uiBXP8jrbp https://t.co/2RPt93f6ak
9 hours 55 min ago
The Festival carries on until Sunday 31st July. See what's going on near you! https://t.co/Cu1Ud8UsSI
14 hours 24 min ago
RT : Mini Digs Family Fun Day is here! 11-4pm, try your hand at being an https://t.co/Jw8LfoJDFs
14 hours 29 min ago
RT : Great view from excavations and one of more unusual lecture gigs for https://t.co/u1MsvC8Eeq
14 hours 29 min ago
RT : - Just sent in my cake entry - very excited about it https://t.co/nD3XYtIT4U
14 hours 29 min ago
14 hours 30 min ago
RT : Aerial photos reveal Neolithic and Bronze Age remains https://t.co/0uOjPjrZhd https://t.co/b0RXFEaPpd