What is it? at the Museum of Archaeology at Palace Green Library, Durham University
North East | County Durham
Sat 15th Jul 2017
What is it? at the Museum of Archaeology at Palace Green Library, Durham University
Periods: Prehistory, Saxons and Vikings, Tudors and Stuarts, Romans, Medieval, Georgians and Victorians
Hands-on activityFinds identification or archaeological skillsFamily fun

To celebrate the Festival of Archaeology we are holding a finds identification and pot washing session in the Museum of Archaeology at Palace Green Library.

Bring your treasures in and meet your local Finds Liaison Officer from the Portable Antiquities Scheme to have any objects you have unearthed identified, and have a go at pot washing recently discovered archaeology.

Event details

Organiser: Durham University
Booking details: You do not need to book this event
Fee details: This event is free to attend

Dates and times

Sat 15th Jul 2017 11:00-14:00

Venues and locations

Museum of Archaeology
Palace Green Library

Tel: 0191 334 2932
Email: archaeology.museum@durham.ac.uk
Directions: Palace Green Library is a five minute walk from Durham Market Place in the city centre. From the Market Place, turn on to Saddler Street and follow the road upwards. Turn onto Owengate, which is the first street on your right. Owengate leads onto Palace Green, the Durham UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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