Oh dear - this is a past event!

Were you looking for "Medieval Day at Launceston Priory"?

This event took place in one of the Festival of Archaeology's previous years. Its information is therefore not currently available.

This event MAY be running again this year - use our search facility, left, to find out!

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13 hours 58 min ago
RT : Thank you much to the students of for helping us bring past technologies to life at our https://t.co/Ct2mnUa8tG
13 hours 58 min ago
RT : Amazing day running day @ :) Shoutout to on her awesome co-organ… https://t.co/qK6aLDB6io
13 hours 59 min ago
15 hours 30 min ago
RT : We had hundreds of people come and take part in our today & helped us smelt iron! https://t.co/a7ZUEY7uex
17 hours 19 min ago
RT : Good fun in the driving rain at the on Kenley Aerodrome valuing our WWII heritage
17 hours 20 min ago
RT : The will be taking over on Sunday 23rd July, as part of !… https://t.co/yaEJweMbz8